<i>APACii</i> <i>Asia Pacific Innovation</i> <i>Institute</i>
<i>APACii</i> <i>Asia Pacific Innovation</i> <i>Institute</i>
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APACii Asia Pacific Innovation Institute

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Powered by GInI, the world's foremost business innovation certification program.
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Welcome to the APAC Innovation Institute…

We provide the world's best training and certification programs, in the field of Applied Business Innovation.
We are highly successful Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Business leaders, who have used innovation to create breakthrough products into global markets, so we understand the importance of getting Innovation right.

Partnering with GInI (Global Innovation Institute) and IdeaScale, we are excited to bring the APAC region a new innovative approach to professional development.

Our mission….

  • To uplift the capability of organisations in the APAC region, so they understand how to harness the power of Applied Business Innovation in driving measurable value and growth.
  • To provide a common language around innovation, and a common set of core values for innovation and growth
  • To transform people into innovation experts, progressive leaders that empower an innovative culture and a collaborative platform, in which to transform ideas into action.
  • To train teams in delivering highly successful innovation programs, backed by the most recognised Innovation training and certification programs in the world.
  • To provide education in a highly engaging manner.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” —Alan Kay, computer scientist 

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